Architects create structural beauty with practical yet creative solutions in urban as well as rural places using different effective material solutions. Modern architectural study demands that the building be more aesthetic yet structurally valid utilizing the knowledge of materials, mathematics, engineering and science all at the same time. 

The Architectural CAD course enables students and professionals in compiling layouts, designing critical parts, components and systems with boundless creativity and accuracy. A successful architectural design is the one that strikes a perfect balance between beauty, firmness of structure and utility.

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Who Can Apply?

Architectural CAD course is suitable for students pursuing their ITI Civil Draftsman, Diploma, Degree, Masters in Civil Engineering and Working Professionals can also enroll for this course. The student and working professional should be armed with deep knowledge of subjects such as Mathematics, Engineering, Art and Science.

Job Opportunities & Titles

The following are job opportunities for Architectural engineers after the completion of course:

  • CAD Engineer
  • Space Designer
  • Architectural Designer
  • Architect
  • Architectural Engineer
  • Facilities Designer
  • Architectural Renderer
  • CAD Designer
  • BIM Modeler
  • Architecture Project Manager

Role in Industry

Architectural Designers nowadays utilize Computer-Aided Design software to make layout components and elements like Doors, Windows, partitions and complete their floor plans and entire building designs. With CAD they can work with greater accuracy and details which follow the norms and analysing various strengths and weaknesses of the building. So they are eligible to get employment in a variety of engineering industries and increase productivity.

  • Architectural Agencies
  • Engineering Agencies
  • Private Consultant 
  • Infrastructure Industries
  • Related services Industries

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Courses & Training Program Offered at CADD Centre

Courses Include in Architectural Cadd Training Program

  • AutoCAD 
  • AutoCAD Architecture 
  • Revit Architecture 
  • Revit Structure
  • VRAY 
  • 3Ds Max
  • Navisworks

#Training Program 1 Details:


Course Duration: 80 Hrs
Software Include: Any 2 of the left

#Training Program 2 Details:


Course Duration: 120-160 Hrs
Software Include: Any 3-4 of the left

#Training Program 3 Details:


Course Duration: 200 Hrs
Software Include: Any 5 of the left

Course Duration for AutoCAD Architecture Course    

The CADD Centre offers cad courses for civil engineering such as Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, STAAD Pro, 3DS Max. The total duration to complete these courses is vary with the course you selected for training. All these courses consist of theory and practical sessions. When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. We also provide AutoCAD online courses for civil engineers.

Architectural CAD Course Fee Details

The CADD Centre offers civil cadd courses like Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, STAAD Pro, 3DS Max and many more. The student can take training of a single course or courses in various combinations. Therefore, you may notice some variations in fee  by course and combinations selected by you. Please visit our centre or contact our counselling team to know the fee structure and latest offers best suited to you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join with my Civil Engineering Background?

Yes, you can join with the understanding of civil background and you can work with the structural integrity better than anyone else.

Can I directly go for the 3D modelling and skip the 2D?

You need 3D to create and visualize complicated designs but the 2D is where you will be explaining how to execute the design, you cannot skip either one of them.

I want to be a site engineer, is it still necessary to have software knowledge?

What is a site engineer who doesn’t know what a plan is or how to read and interpret a plan. Software is just a part the main things are about the plan and the support peripheries.

Can I learn any one software and get placed?

Yes, but your growth opportunities will be limited.

Why should I do an autocad architecture course?

With the learning of Architectural AutoCAD courses you can work with greater accuracy, efficiency in drawing, sketching, planning and analysing various strengths and weaknesses of the building.

Can I do these courses after completing my diploma/degree?

Yes you can but you will be wasting your precious time which otherwise you will be spending on job hunt.

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